S-MAN PRODUCTS for AutoCAD Rel. 12 thru 14

* Standards Management Kits for AutoCAD
* Inter-Office Standards Converter Kits for AutoCAD
* Independent Utilities

DOS and Windows

* A "Fill in the Blanks" system to incorporate your existing CAD Standards and manage them for greater performance.
* Turnkey default systems for firms that do not yet have a rigid "in-house standard"
* Approx. 40 'Standard Management' Utilities included
* Standards Converter Programs to translate inter-office drawing setups for colours, linetypes, layers, and symbols, and update drawing libraries. Office setups may be converted to and from AIA and ISO standards.

Assisted by:The National Research Council

* Municipal Works
* Structural Works
* Mechanical (AEC)
* Architectural Works

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* S-MANis a leading edge productivity enhancer for all levels of AutoCAD users
* State of the Art CAD Management systems developed "For Users by Users" with high performance utilities
* User friendly and easy to manage
* Requires almost no training for CAD Managers
* Documents and maintains all your operational standards
* Makes AutoCAD easier to use
* Enables automated "In House" drafting processes
* Up to 50% productivity enhancement
* Provides a model for creating translatable office coding systems
* The S-Man Converter automatically translates coding systems to or from standards maintained by other offices


Softco's primary division, Stan the Man, is focused entirely upon CAD OPERATING SYSTEMS. The company's flagship, the S-MAN SERIES, offers inexpensive `Turnkey' Systems, yet you can revise them at any time to suit your individual requirements.

We are committed to on-going development of our current products and we also develop new products for other industry segments.